May 24, 2018

Liz Kulp- “DON’T FOLLOW MY or THEIR PATH – It is TOO hard”

Tens of thousands of babies are born each year in the United States and many more babies are born with FASDS in other countries. Alcohol and babies don’t mix and hurt babies in all social classes. Live in my brain and body one day and you will soon discover it is hard. Really hard. Regardless of your color, age, sex or religion – you will be discriminated against – counted as incapable and misunderstood. Often!

In my journey, I have met many people with Fetal Alcohol Brain Injury – some were pawns in gangs, some modeled or serviced men or women for money, many went to jail or were committed for mental health, some called Detox heaven – many drank continuing their life of consuming alcohol beginning before their birth.

Homeless, jobless, throwaways struggling to live. There will continue to be a lot of us who struggle in adulthood. Living in modern times with prenatal alcohol brain and body damage is almost impossible. DON’T FOLLOW MY or THEIR PATH – It is TOO hard.
The message I give to teens and young adults living with FASD is just because things seem fun and exciting don’t give in to it. It can destroy your hopes and dreams. You are more than just a person with FASDs, your life has a purpose and I pray that you find it.

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