May 24, 2018

Liz Kulp- “DON’T FOLLOW MY or THEIR PATH – It is TOO hard”

Liz Kulp is the author of two books: The best I can be, living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects and The Braided Cord, Tough Times In and Out.

“DON’T FOLLOW MY or THEIR PATH – It is TOO hard” is the advice Liz Kulp gives to teens and young adults.

“Alcohol and babies don’t mix and hurt babies in all social classes. Live in my brain and body one day and you will soon discover it is hard. Really hard. Regardless of your color, age, sex or religion – you will be discriminated against – counted as incapable and misunderstood. Often!”

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Michael Linden- “Buying vodka was so easy”

Russian speaking Michael Linden spent his first ten years living in the Former Soviet Union. Now twelve, Michael recounts his experience buying vodka as a ten-year-old.

“It was sooo easy,” explains Michael. “I asked the sales assistant in a local market for a liter, pointed to the brand I wanted. She told me the price. I paid her and left.”

“Ten minutes later I returned for a second liter. You guys must be having quite a party, the sales assistant told me, smiling as she handed me the vodka and my change.”

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